Welcome to HolidayGoo, your source for Plastic Easter Eggs, Easter Candy and Easter Baskets.

HolidayGoo has been in business for over 30 years selling Plastic Easter Eggs as well as Candy and Toy filled Easter Eggs, Easter Baskets, Easter Candy and much more.

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  • Easter Supplies

    We carry a great assortment of Easter supplies that will make your Easter festivities a special one. From Easter Egg Hunt Gathering Bags to Green Easter Basket Grass, Unfilled Round Bamboo Easter Baskets, Easter Pencils, Easter Stickers to Easter Stampers to keep the kids busy and much, much more..

  • Easter Candy

    We carry a great assortment of Easter Candy, from Jelly Beans for the egg hunt, to Chocolate Easter Bunnies, Skittles and much more to make your Easter special.

  • For Easter 2016, we sold thousands of Easter Eggs filled with toys, candy or unfilled, Easter Candy and Easter suppleis to over 500 churches, hundreds of golf courses and municipalities through out the US.

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  • Easter Baskets

    Imagine the kids opening their sports theme Easter Basket and going onto the meadows with their friend. What a great Easter for all. Our theme Easter baskets, include a full size ball and a toy & candy filled bag. Easter baskets are also availble in small and large Easter bunny version. Please note: Easter Baskets do not include plastic Easter Eggs.

  • Easter Candy

    We have a great selection of Easter Candy to make your Easter a special one. From Easter Jelly Beans for the Egg Hunt, Easter Chocolate, Easter Candy Corn, Easter Marshmallow Bunny Tails, Easter Bunny Cotton Candy to Easter Candy Fun Packs, Easter Skittles and much more to make your Easter event a special one.