For over 58 years we have been your source for candy filled plastic Easter eggs, bulk pack unfilled plastic Easter eggs and toy filled plastic easter eggs. Our eggs are proudly made in the USA and are filled by people with disabilities to provide meaningful employment.

Our candy filled plastic Easter eggs are filled with an assortment of Tootsie Frooties, Smarties, Tootsie Rolls and Fruit Chews. 

Our toy filled plastic Easter eggs are filled with an assortment of rings, spin tops, stickers, erasers, tattoos, stick on gems, frogs and bracelets.

For a price quote on our candy and toy filled plastic Easter eggs or our bulk pack unfilled plastic Easter eggs please call us at our toll-free             number 866-650-4041 or email your request to  mel@holidaygoo.com.  (Please include your organization name and address, your name,                    your phone number and the quantity of candy and toy filled eggs or bulk unfilled eggs needed).


Whether you are looking to buy plastic Easter eggs filled with Candy or toy in bulk or wholesale, our prices & service cannot be beat.  We sell our Easter eggs to municipalities, golf courses, religious organizations and to individuals as well.  Call us now and we'll beat any price on any quantity of candy filled plastic Easter eggs, unfilled Easter eggs or toy filled Easter eggs.